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User Experience:

Research, Insight & Testing 

Our User Experience proficiency stems from several years working with all sizes of business across many industries and sectors. In every project, for every company, one thing remains the same: the importance of understanding the user or customer, then designing engaging online experiences based on this insight.


An engaging experience is great for the customer - it allows them to complete the task they had in mind, adds value they may not even have anticipated and creates a better relationship with a company. It's also great for the company itself - an engaging experience is far more likely to drive business outcomes, whether that's more sales, more sign ups or less contacts through offline channels.

User Research & Insight
We combine insights with data to fully understand your customer. Our first step is to understand what you know about your customers already - how you break them into segments and what the user needs are for each. Depending on your budget and requirements, we can supplement this research with insights from your customer-facing staff and real users with the objective of identifying priority user needs and behaviour. This is an essential foundation for any website project.

User Testing

User testing is essential for understanding how your users engage with you online. It helps you understand the challenges and pain points users encounter on your website and the opportunities to improve their experience. 

User testing need not be expensive. Depending on the objective, we can offer remote user testing which will often give you results within one week and reduces the cost to hundreds rather than thousands of pounds.

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